Employee Ownership

The Practice has benefited from being an Employee Owned business since 2014, giving every member of the team a real vested interest in driving our success. This makes sure that we continue the focus on delivering top quality engineering consultancy services to our full range of clients; architects, developers, government and private domestic projects. ​

Our Employee Ownership status and high staff retention rates mean that our clients also benefit from stable and secure teams for the lifetime of their relationship with us - whether it’s a one-off project or a long-term collaborative partnership.

Benefits to Employees

Being part of an Employee Owned business gives our team members real benefits and opportunities that aren't available in other ownership models. Here at DNA, we have a hybrid model of ownership, where the majority of shares are held by an Employee Ownership Trust on behalf of all employees, and the remainder are made available for individual employees to purchase:

  • Annual opportunity to buy shares in the business 
  • Share ownership entitles an annual share dividend payment (as long as we're in profit!)
  • Company-wide bonus paid once or twice a year, with every employee receiving an equal share
  • All employees have a say in the running of the business - with an equal vote on certain strategic decisions
  • Employees can vote on the election and re-election of Board members, including the Managing Director
  • Input into how the profits from the business are used e.g. bonus payment, additional benefits, the annual study trip, investment in training and equipment etc.

In 2021 we were delighted to be named as the WeDO Scotland Employee Owned Company of the Year!

Employee Owned Winner