News: DNA signs Engineers Declare global petition

DNA signs Engineers Declare global petition

We’re delighted to add our name to the Engineers Declare petition. Our planet is facing an environmental crisis, and we’re committed to taking positive action and doing our part to help tackle the issue.

The field of engineering faces a huge challenge as it looks to shift the way we work to continue to meet society’s needs, but in an environmentally friendly way. As a Practice, our team of engineers and technicians always take sustainability and energy efficiency into consideration. For example, we aim to specify materials in our designs which can be locally sourced, are durable, and/or have minimal environmental impact in either their production or disposal. As well as embracing new materials and technologies, we also consider innovative ways to use conventional methods in more sustainable ways.

With the upcoming COP26 conference in Glasgow in November, now is a crucial time, and an excellent opportunity, for our sector to show its commitment to making a difference.