News: International Women in Engineering Day 2021

International Women in Engineering Day 2021

We’re very proud to have a diverse team of engineers here at DNA across our five offices and today we’re delighted to join in the celebrations for International Women in Engineering Day 2021, helping raise awareness of the incredible opportunities available to women across all STEM disciplines.

This year the theme of IWE Day is #EngineeringHeroes. We’ve asked some of our women engineers who they've found inspirational throughout their career journey.

Lily Erskine – Senior Engineer

Lily Erskine

I have a Masters in Engineering as well as being a Chartered Engineer and a Member of the Institution of Structural Engineers, and a Regional Committee Member.

My favourite part of the job is getting an access all areas pass to some of the most important buildings in the country!

For my engineering hero, I have to say Fiona Cobb, author of The Structural Engineer’s Pocket Book – not a day goes by where I don’t use the ‘Red Book’ – the perfect example of a women sorting things out for the better. 

Emma Smith - Technician

Emma Smith

I have a BSc (Hons) First class in Environmental Civil Engineering.

I always wanted to work in with Building Design since I was in Primary School and was lucky enough to make it happen. My favourite part of the job is getting to work with the great team of colleagues who make projects fun challenges that can be solved using teamwork.

My engineering hero has to be a family friend named Ron Dalton, who was working on the Channel Tunnel as a Chemical Engineer when I was growing up. He demonstrated a level of personal and professional accomplishment I’ve admired since I was young and inspired me pursue a STEM career.

Katie Hood – Project Engineer

Katie Hood

I have a BSc in Natural Science with Physics, a GDip in Civil Engineering, and an MSc in Civil Engineering with Integrated Design.

I really enjoy working in engineering as it’s a practical job that helps me understand and influence the world around me.

For an engineering hero, I’ve gone with Emily Warren Roebling who basically headed up the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge while her husband (who was the formally appointed Chief Engineer) was sick in bed in the 1880s. She was so good that they let her husband continue to officially be in charge despite being bed ridden for multiple years while she oversaw the engineering and project management. 

Amanda Kaas – Graduate Engineer

Amanda Kaas

I’ve recently graduated with an MEng in Structural Engineering with Architecture (Hons) from the University of Edinburgh.

I have always been interested in physics and architecture. When I was younger, I didn’t know what an engineer did or anything about the industry. I thought that there were only architects and builders, nothing in between. As I got towards the end of high school and realised my passion for physics, mathematics and arts, I started looking into what professions utilised all three subjects the most. That was when I found out that there were structural engineers, and that would allow me to use my full potential by combining design and physics into something that could be built.

My favourite part of the job is providing creative solutions to problems arising from complex designs. I love seeing the concepts that architects come up with and look at different ways that they can be built using different techniques, in the most efficient and sustainable ways. This job allows me to be creative, and I get to see new and interesting designs on a daily basis. It makes me incredibly happy, that I get to be involved with providing a positive impact on people’s lives through designing comfortable and usable spaces. 

Rebecca Sampson – Senior Engineer

Rebeccan Sampson

I have a Masters in Structural Engineering with Architecture and then went on to be Chartered with the Institute of Civil Engineers.

I really enjoy the problem-solving aspect of Engineering and finding elegant solutions for the Client. And in terms of having a role in the built environment, I get great satisfaction from being involved in projects that provide a benefit to a community or give derelict buildings a new lease of life in a sustainable manner.

My engineering hero is also Fiona Cobb! She has provided us with what is essentially a Structural Engineer’s Bible before the age of 35 that has been wildly popular in many engineering offices since it was first published in 2003. She has since become a conservation accredited engineer and set up her own Engineering Consultancy.

Indie Mitchell – Project Engineer

Indie Mitchell

I have a BSc (Hons) Civil Engineering, and an MSc in Structural and Foundation Engineering.

Being able to work on some of the most iconic Scottish Buildings is definitely one of my favourite parts of the job. I also really enjoy the problem solving and the fact that no two jobs are ever the same. Also being able to give people their dream homes!

My engineering hero has to be Victoria Drummond. She was the first British woman to serve as a Merchant Navy Chief Engineer, the first woman marine engineer in Britain, and the first female member of the Institute of Marine Engineers.

Yvonne McKean – Senior Engineer & Section Leader

Yvonne McKean

I have a first-class masters in Structural Engineering with Architecture and I am a chartered member of the Institution of Civil Engineers.

Favourite part of being a structural Engineer is working as part of a team to create an amazing building that will outlive me. I enjoy problem solving and being creative.

My engineering hero…I’ll go with Mary Irvine, who was the first Chartered Structural Engineer, elected in 1947! Breaking that barrier made it so much easier for the women that came after her.