50 Argyle Street

This project involves the conversion of a former listed 8 storey commercial unit on Glasgow's Argyle Street to form 21 flats. The works involve partial demolition, extension, internal alteration and extensive fabric repairs to the historic building. The existing listed building constructed in 1905 is a hybrid of steel frame with masonry infill and concrete filler joist floors. The steel frame is embedded within the masonry shell and as such has in places been deteriorating over time causing distress within the building fabric. Works are proposed to carefully remove stonework to treat the corroded steel and replace the stone. Repair works are also required to the existing concrete filler joist slab which has been shown to have a high sulphur content leading to corrosion of the steel filler joists.

The new extension to the rear is a steel frame with concrete floors installed within the footprint of the original building. Previously the building had been condemned to demolition due to issues with the slab and embedded steelwork, however due to our pragmatic repair approach we were able to save the listed building.