Drumsheugh Baths, Edinburgh

Drumsheugh Baths is a late 19th century listed building near Dean Village in Edinburgh. The original timber pool surround floor was replaced in the 1960s with precast concrete floor units. Our pre-contract investigations revealed extensive corrosion of the steel prestressing strands within these units.

Further investigation also uncovered elements of the existing construction which were considered unsafe, including a heavily loaded flat arch un-reinforced concrete floor over the main plant room. These structural elements had to be carefully removed whilst maintaining lateral support to slender masonry external walls and retaining walls. The floors were replaced adopting in situ reinforced concrete construction and utilising a high specification concrete mix design.

The conservation work included lowering of the replacement pool surround floor in order to reveal the original cast iron base surround to the columns within the pool hall. In addition, all pool tiles were replaced with imperial sized, handcrafted ceramic tiles. The works were partly funded by Historic Scotland.