George Watson's College

David Narro Associates has worked for many years with George Watson's College and this project was the third and final phase of the college's Centre for Sport development masterplan. This phase involved substantial remodelling and re-ordering of the college's original PE Department building. This fine 1930s building had suffered as a result of numerous ad hoc alterations and additions over the years. As a result, circulation around the department was not easy, accessibility was poor and the facility as a whole was not in line with the current needs and expectations of the college.

The works in this phase served to rationalise circulation around the Centre and provide modern, hi-tech sports facilities in a number of core areas. The structural works included the remodelling of the original pool hall through the removal of a row of poolside roof supports; the creation of a new multi-storey, multi-purpose gym facility within the heart of the Centre, containing sports halls, fitness suite (with state-of-the-art cardiovascular and weight lifting equipment) and changing areas; and the opening-up of the original congested room layout to create the Hub, around which circulation and management of the Centre is based. Level access is now possible throughout and vertical circulation has been improved through the introduction of a new lift.