Greenlaw Town Hall

Greenlaw Town Hall is one of the finest buildings in Scotland and is Category A listed. This imposing building was built in the then County Town of Greenlaw between 1829 - 1831 as the new courthouse and county buildings for Berwickshire County. The building served as the Berwickshire Courthouse up until 1904, when Duns replaced Greenlaw as the County Town.

The building had been disused for over ten years and had deteriorated as a result of long-term lack of maintenance. Even in its dilapidated state, the building had become an icon for the local community. As time wore on and the condition of the building deteriorated, a campaign to save the building and give it a new life and role in the community gained momentum. Eventually, enough money was raised to fund its full refurbishment. The project comprised the refurbishment of the two pavilions as self-contained office spaces and the renovation of the external shell of the main hall, allowing flexible use of the hall for local use.

We were able to show that the condition of the original fabric of the building – in particular the existing main roof structure – was better than might have been expected and only required a helping hand here and there. New upper floors were inserted into the pavilions to increase the available space.


Georgian Group Award 2011 for Re-use of a Georgian Building