Loch Leven Bird Hide

A new bird hide on the west bank of Loch Leven south of Kinross was installed as part of an improvement and extension programme to the path network around the loch.

The substructure comprises precast concrete inverted 'T' shape units. The wide footings are buried, so not visible, but help reduce the applied pressure on the loose sand below. Slender protruding stems raise the hide above the highly variable water level and on par with the banking.

The superstructure is formed primarily from Scottish Douglas fir with larch cladding and oak trimmings. The arrangement of primary beams and secondary floor joists perpendicular create a floor deck which cantilevers beyond, reducing the visual impact of the sub structure.

The walls slope outwards on the front face and unobstructed corner windows allow panoramic views out in to the loch.



  • Edinburgh Architectural Association - Small Building Award 2012
  • Scottish Design Awards - Low Cost Project Award 2012
  • RIAS Award for Architecture 2012
  • Wood for Good/Forestry Commission Scotland Award 2012 -Commendation
  • Shortlisted for the RIAS Andrew Doolan Best Building in Scotland Award - 2012
  • The Wood Awards -Shortlist 2012