Moncreiff Avenue, Lenzie

This 1960s house underwent an extensive reconfiguration involving internal alterations and a new extension.

The existing house had fairly small rooms but a big beautiful garden sloping up to the south. The new extension comes off the rear of the house to the south, which involved raising the floor level to that of the existing lawn. Within the extension is a new open plan kitchen, dining area and lounge which meets an external terrace through floor to ceiling frameless glass and large sliding doors.

The entrance space was reordered to become a double-height, glazed entrance leading in one direction to the new extension and in the other to the existing TV room. A large master bedroom was planned on top of the existing garage. The reconfiguration of the house created open plan spaces, allowing light into the building and maximizing views to the front and rear garden. The new elements of the building are distinct from the existing building by being clad in bronze.


GIA Design Award 2012