Monifeith Parish Church

This is a new build church, which of course is relatively rare in recent times. The church committee took the decision to combine the congregations from three existing churches in a central location easily that is easily accessible to the community. The accommodation includes a main sanctuary space, offices, a kitchen, storage rooms and flexible meeting rooms.

The church structure is a steel frame and the dramatic central sanctuary space features a large triangular roof light and two large exposed timber clad steel trusses which span the full length of the space. At eaves level on the building facades there is stone detailing present, which required complex detailing of the associated steelwork, to ensure that a clean and light aesthetic was achieved.

The site is sloped and so reinforced concrete retaining walls are incorporated both internally to split the upper and lower Ground Floor levels, and externally around the perimeter of the building. The foul drainage outflow from the building connects directly into an existing foul sewer. The surface water from the roof of the building drains to an attenuation tank to control rainwater into the adopted surface water sewer in a storm event, in line with SUDs practice.