New Myreside House Dining Hall Extension, Edinburgh

New Myreside House is located within George Watson’s College campus in the south west of Edinburgh. The new single-storey extension is a multifunctional space, providing a modern and centralised dining facility for primary school pupils as well as providing a large open space for after school groups. 

The extension is primarily a steel frame which incorporates sway frames and braced bays for stability. The large pyramidal roof consists of steel ring beams at the apex and eaves with steel hips in compression and bending between.  Timber rafters and studs between the primary frames create the wall and roof decks.

The north elevation is largely unobstructed glazing and, along with the large roof light at the apex, it provides a large volume of natural light. The roof on the north and west elevation cantilevers is approximately two and a half metres to provide shelter to the dining hall queues.

The existing three-storey building and extension were also altered to improve circulation and the back of house catering facilities.