Private House, Loch Maree

With a spectacular setting on the south bank of Loch Maree, this two-storey house makes the most of the surroundings with a predominately glazed elevation facing the Loch. A combination of steel and timber elements were used to create the striking geometry and large clear spans within the property.

The structure was built off traditional pad and strip foundations, and the wall panels were constructed with timber studs. The sloping and vertical elements of the roof were formed with a steel frame, while both steel and timber beams support the first floor joists that cantilevered out to the front to create a continuous balcony. A sedum system was installed on the parallelogram-shaped flat roof, which was supported on timber I-joists.

David Narro Associates also designed the drainage for the site, which comprised a soakaway for the surface water and a two-stage treatment system for foul drainage. An existing outfall to the Loch was retained in the final scheme after gaining approval from SEPA.