Private House, Wormit, Fife

A comprehensive reconfiguration of internal spaces to reconnect the house with the garden and to enhance the existing views over the Firth of Tay. Walls of shelves connect the floors vertically down a new staircase and a big new projecting bay window for the dining room unlocks the panoramic views.

The basement was transformed from a dank, underused storage area to a modern living space. This transformation involved some challenging structural alterations including careful underpinning of the external and internal walls and new openings in the rear elevation.

The new glazed bay window projects out from the building and unlocks the panoramic views beyond. The cantilevered steelwork was designed to make the floor and ceiling plates appear as thin and delicate as possible whilst providing the necessary rigidity to support full height glazing.        

Walls incorporating shelve units connect the floors vertically down a beautifully crafted staircase.


Saltire Housing Award 2012 - Winner

Dundee Institute of Architects Design Award 2012 - Winner

RIAS Awards 2013 - Highly Commended