Ronaldson's Wharf, Edinburgh

This forty-eight flat development on a disused site in the heart of Leith provides social housing for the local community.

Prior to the works commencing, the site had to be stripped and an archeological investigation carried out. This determined the location of previous housing dating back to the early development of Leith.

The curved form of the building - chosen to maximise the use of the site - led to a number of structural issues including long spans and curved supporting structures.

The reinforced concrete floors, which have spans reaching nine metres, consist of precast permanent shuttering units with an in situ topping. This allowed the large spans to be accommodated by means of upstand beams on the outer curved edge. The floors are supported on a loadbearing masonry structure, with localised in situ concrete elements, springing from reinforced concrete pile beam foundations on driven steel tube piles.


Homes for Scotland Major Brownfield Development Award 2004

Saltire Award 2004 - Commendation

Mail on Sunday National Builder Design Award 2004