Sandylands, West Kilbride

The project brief was to refurbish and extend the mid 19th Century sandstone property. Alteration works were undertaken in the existing house to prepare for a new side extension. Key works centred on the roof structure and involved the introduction of mezzanine floors to three bedrooms at the rear of the property. The installation of these mezzanines in the attic space required the introduction of steel members to support the change in load paths and allow removal of the bottom tie of the existing roof trusses.

The extension was formed from a traditional timber framed construction with beam and block concrete on the ground floor and timber joists on the first floor. The gull-wing roof is inverted in section, with a central steel beam spanning the width of the extension and supported on the timber frame. This central beam supports two steel beams that splay from the building edge and merge at a single support point at the roof apex of the front and rear elevations to create the dramatic roof profile.