We have established a special Client base with artists and sculptors. Projects have ranged from the A8 Airport interchange sculptural retaining walls, to one off pieces such as Sculptures for the First Peoples Exhibition in the Museum of Scotland by Andy Goldsworthy. The need for innovative and collaborative design on this type of work has been met with enthusiasm and has enhanced conceptual design on other projects

Image 1: Fall, National Park, Loch Lomond; Client - Scottish Arts Council; Sculptor - Donald Urquhart

Image 2: Higgs Project - Beaded Door; Artists - Maja Quille & Sarah Dale; Photographer - Ditte Solgaard Dunn

Image 3: Pathfinder, Dundee; Client - Dundee City Council; Sculptor - Jeremy Cunningham; Photographer - Niall Hendrie

Image 4: Temple at Tyre; Client - City Edinburgh Council; Sculptor - David Mach

Image 5: Dysart Artworks - Sea Beams; Client - Fife Council; Sculptor - Donald Urquhart