St. Andrews Kirk, Helensburgh

This is a large single-storey extension to a church in the centre of Helensburgh. The accommodation comprises of several multi-purpose halls, offices, kitchen facilities, toilets, changing rooms and plant areas.

The building is predominantly steel framed, with timber infill rafters and proprietary roof trusses utilised to help create the roof profiles required to tie in with the existing abutting buildings. The ground floor is a suspended concrete 'beam & block' system spanning on to blockwork undercroft walls, and the strip foundations bear directly on to the weathered rockhead at shallow depth.

We also designed underground drainage, which incorporates a buried attenuation tank to control surface water flows to the existing sewer during storm events. We were able to reuse existing drainage tails that were discovered during site works, which eliminated the need for new sewer connections being formed within the road, which was undergoing streetscaping works at the time.